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You contact us for a free quotation.
We arrange with you a suitable time for a discussion including site inspection and measurements.
We come to your premises do the inspection and measurements and discuss your specific requirements.
You supply us with the measurements of any appliances that we need to take into account in our space calculations.
Based on the discussion and measurements we create an initial design on specialised software.
This design is then emailed to you for perusal and comment.
Your comments are incorporated into the design.
This process continues until you are 100% satisfied with the design.
Once you feel comfortable that your requirements are represented in the design, we will prepare and send a quotation through to you. The quotation will be based on all the information gathered in the quotation phase including your choice of materials and finishes.

Upon acceptance of the quotation 50% deposit is required before building starts.
Building of the cupboards is done off-site at our premises according to exact specifications.
During this phase it is also your responsibility to ensure that all surface, electrical and plumbing preparations are done. We can provide detailed plans to enable plumbing and electrical contractors to ensure that fittings are placed correctly.
The building process can be expected to take around 2½ to 3 weeks for a standard sized kitchen.

Installation of the cupboards follows and should be completed within about 3 days.
Cupboard doors are installed on-site.
You are responsible for organising final plumbing and electrical connections, as well as the acquisition and supply of appliances.
Wall and floor finishes will also be your responsibilities.

All workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year – you simply contact us and we take care of it.
If adjustments are required to hinges etc. after installation we are also perfectly willing to help.